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PreciousDolls Ragdolls

Megailee Skylee of PreciousDolls
Sire: SGC Rags2Riches Stormy
Dam: Rags2Riches Cerafina of Megailee


Skylee is beautiful, completely beautiful. Her eyes are such large deep stunning blue pools that make her a true striking beauty. Skylee's coat is more cottony in texture and very white. She is our fluffiest puffball and true to the Ragdoll persona, she flopps. Mostly on the floor, in the middle of everything.

She is our loudest purrer, and will purr when you approach her, even before you touch her. Our friends comment on Skylee the most, everyone wants to touch her, and she lets anyone pet her. I have had more offers of "Let me know when she has kittens" than I can count.

She has a very cobby body type and the most beautifully placed ears. Her face appears if she is always content and smiling. I can't take a bad picture of her.

Beautiful just beautiful! Thank you Gail of Megailee - Skylee will be a cornerstone in the PreciousDolls lineage.