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PreciousDolls Ragdolls

CB & Dan's Ragdoll Philosophy for PreciousDolls
TICA Registered Cattery & RFCI Members

PreciousdDolls is a small Ragdoll cattery in Golden, Colorado. We have a sun room devoted to our cats, and only own carriers to transport our breeders, no cages. As a cattery we are developing foundation lilac lines concentrating on Ragdoll temperament, eye color, coat quality, and our goal is to develop very large Ragdolls that love people. Our animals are treated as our pets and exposed constantly to people, guests in our house, and our children.

We plan for Skylee to make her show debut very soon and do very well. We hope to have at least one show quality kitten from her next spring litter.

We do not plan to breed Skylee again until she has received at least Champion status. We also have such great faith in her quality as a Ragdoll that we feel this will be in short order. Thank you Gail.

All of our cats are mothered by Zoe, an alley cat, not a Ragdoll, but the alpha in our house. She washes them all and keeps order.

Being a small cattery and having our cats as pets we fully understand the personality of each of our breeders and can identify the which cats have the qualities you would like in your kitten. They are all Ragdolls, and have the famous personality, but they are individuals with their own quirkiness too. Our knowledge of our cats will assist us in identifying the kitten that is the best fit for you or your family.

We plan to have an open house for our kittens once they are of age. Kittens will be placed at 12 weeks and not sooner due to the health and well being of the kitten.

I am not ready nor am I contractually able to sell breeders at this time.

If you are a pet owner interested in showing your kitten, I would be glad to discuss and provide insight into showing.

We ask that your kitten be made a welcome part of your family and welcome to our site and into our home, thank you.