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PreciousDolls Ragdolls

Victorian Treasures Cobalt of PreciousDolls
Sire: Victoriantreasur Blue Boys Leapster
Dam: Victoriantreasur Flirty Miss Wendy


Cobalt is my gentle giant, Coby. He is a beautiful depiction of a blue mitted Ragdoll, thank you Kelly of Victorian Treasures. He is from Foundation Ragdoll and Champion lines: Chatnadolls, Soulmates, TuffyToes, and Victorian Treasures. He carries the illusive Foundation lilac gene and I hope to breed Foundation lilac kittens in the future.

His fur is very soft and is the full bunny-like coat, very fluffy. Solid build you can feel the strength of massive muscles in his shoulders and head. His eyes are a clear striking blue. He is a snuggly, bumble, purr box. He likes to put his whole head in my hand in a submissive gesture. His head is massive and it is a solid, heavy handful of affection. His tail so thick and full it the size of my wrist.

He is sweet, very loving and likes the computer mouse on the screen, a lot. He will sit next to me while I work, if not in my lap, and has a natural inquisitive nature as to what I am doing. I do not have to call him to me, only make eye contact, and he lopes up onto my bed. He loves the other cats and always checks on his girls. Coby is docile and not aggressive at all, my most gentle cat. I love my Coby.  

Kittens from Coby, currently all my kittens, should be gentle, and have that “love me” Ragdoll trait that is enduring but not overbearing.