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PreciousDolls Ragdolls

Ragdoll Kitten Tiger Lily

TICA Award of Excellence
Best Cream Lynx (Tabby) Point / Mitted Ragdoll of the year 2008
Sire: SGC Riterags Mr Big Stuff
Dam: Redvelvet Firecracker


Tiger Lily was my first, and most sought after breeder cat. I looked over a year for a superior cream Ragdoll female before deciding on Bev Metz's Glorydolls. I was very impressed by her father SGC Riterags Mr. Big Stuff. I do think I have the best cream female Ragdoll I've seen on the Internet. Thank you Bev!

Tiger Lily's most gorgeous feature is her coat. It is very satisfying to stroke her softness and listen to her purr. She is incredibly soft, but not like cotton or bunny, fine beautiful white and cream strands. The little hints of cream color are enchanting. It was very hard to name her, as a Cream Lynx it is very difficult to tell if the Lynx is in the kitten, it isn't until about 4 months where you can really look to see. When creams are born, they are completely white except the tail. I look forward to her darkening as she get older, her color and pattern will deepen as she ages to be about 4. Tiger Lily is 2 years old. 



Her eyes are not a deep deep blue but more of a clear blue summer day. Her face and head shape is exquisite. Tiger Lily's ears are well placed and her profile shows nice definition. 

She likes to put her paw on my cheek when I pick her up. A hello or a way of her touching me for comfort.

She is either incredibly bright or very foolhardy. She is my highest jumper, and she is a brazen girl, even as a kitten she would approach anyone. Even the man with the air compressor didn't scare her. She is spunky and displays the most personality.